Today’s Tittilating Treasures

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  • Yet another great analysis from @useronboard: How IF by IFTTT Onboards New Users http://t.co/aTwGzjj5MS #UXD #apps
  • Peeple, app that lets you rate other people with no opt out, faces backlash before release http://t.co/uxMa7MmjwB #app #social #culture

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Today’s Tittilating Treasures Water on Mars: Nasa faces contamination dilemma over future investigations http://t.co/cp77Emq3tZ Dreamt I was visiting Steve Jobs. Told me about
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Today’s Tittilating Treasures Apple made the iPhone 6s nearly waterproof and didn’t tell anyone http://t.co/gONBKh7L7F #apple #iphone Smart menstrual cup tracks your periods and