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  • My goodness. Bowie… You truly put a dent in the universe. Nothing has changed, everything has changed. RIP. @DavidBowieReal #davidbowie
  • A sentence only to be heard at an ad agency: Now we have our bulky girl and the cat llama!”
  • In Japan, this movie has blown Star Wars away: (Yo-Kai Watch the Movie 2: King Enma and the 5 Stories, Nyan!) https://t.co/y3wlJy51GZ
  • A New Hope for a Perplexing Mathematical Proof #math #abc https://t.co/UHe3IaAJws
  • It makes sense to rethink the 8-hour work day in many job functions #work https://t.co/ojS3f3yR6P
  • Delightful Design. The topping on the ice cream. #design #UXD https://t.co/3hY6GZw3Oe
  • Remembering DAVID BOWIE in OMIKRON #davidbowie #games https://t.co/Pr1OCJges4

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