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  • Why Socrates hated democracy https://t.co/NEq82YE9Kg
  • C.S. Lewis on Equality and Our Core Misconception About Democracy https://t.co/15q7Dys0A6
  • Sometimes I wonder if Scandinavian design is more suited for hospitals than for living… #design #scandinavia https://t.co/aNZ8y2I7ue
  • Just saying: @SlackHQ s customer service must be among the best you can find. #yourock
  • Vlogvember – hilarious YouTube satire from Adrian Bliss #youtube #satire #lol https://t.co/JRFphoaCQF

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Today’s Tittilating Treasures 🖼 Visit today’s image Meet ALVINN, the self-driving car from 1989 https://t.co/VEKUVrWeRX Var på fotoshoot for Kirkens Korshær i går ifm.
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Today’s Tittilating Treasures 🖼 Visit today’s image Intelligence experts urge Obama to end Edward Snowden’s ‘untenable exile’ https://t.co/k5qKHzBylh Google Introduces Featured