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  • Most of world’s biggest firms unlikely’ to meet Paris climate targets https://t.co/lufl81i24u
  • Morocco a-go-go: the eye-popping visions of Hassan Hajjaj - in pictures https://t.co/5z39O2Rt5R
  • Before the internet broke my attention span I read books compulsively. Now, it takes willpower https://t.co/uAMOMifRV4
  • Tommaso Protti’s portrait of a modern Amazon https://t.co/Oxd96TeG4X
  • RT @NakMakFeegle: I, in my great and unmatched wisdom”: It is apt indeed to compare Trump to the Wizard of Oz - both are old men who lied and cheated their way into positions of power. They even look alike! #BadWizard #WizardofOZ #StableGenius #greatandunmatchedwisdom https://t.co/GbqpUzfkmo
  • Gamers spend hours customising characters, but don’t you dare mention fashion
  • The big polluters’ masterstroke was to blame the climate crisis on you and me https://t.co/1tAGnSXfmW
  • Revealed: top UK thinktank spent decades undermining climate science

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