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Oil lamps arranged on a rangoli to celebrate Diwali in Guwahati, India (© Biju Boro/Getty Images) (Source: Bing)

  • Ransomware hunters: the self-taught tech geniuses fighting cybercrime | Cybercrime | The Guardian https://t.co/VSLKF4Th85

  • Study: AI hiring tools don’t reduce bias or improve diversity; they can’t be trained to only identify job-related characteristics and strip out gender and race (Chris Vallance/BBC) https://t.co/xh4r5DQz1X

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Today’s Tittilating Treasures Prince Christian Sound in southern Greenland (© Posnov/Getty Images) (Source: Bing) RT @Blender: Today 20 years ago, Blender became open source.
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