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Bridge on the McKenzie River Trail, Willamette National Forest, Oregon (© Don Paulson/Danita Delimont) (Source: Bing)

  • MIT solved a century-old differential equation to break liquid’ AIs computational bottleneck https://t.co/aiOoz9SZ50

  • Why we all need to be a lot less hesitant about being kind | Life and style | The Guardian https://t.co/TUjG8fPErR

  • I didn’t have a single audition for a year”: Goonies and Indiana Jones child star Ke Huy Quan on finding fame again | Film | The Guardian https://t.co/xZizG70reM

  • Some public libraries in the US and Canada are using open-source software MUSICat to offer their own music streaming services and boost their local music scenes (Claire Woodcock/VICE) https://t.co/vpjrOwrP4B https://t.co/7yezOM4NLA

  • The Gut Microbiome Helps Social Skills Develop in the Brain | Quanta Magazine https://t.co/ElDeY8MeJO

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