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  • A look at volunteer hackers in the Russia-Ukraine war, many scattered globally with unverifiable identities, as both sides recruit them to launch cyberattacks (New York Times) https://t.co/6qLJalnOGa

  • PayPal suspends its services in Russia, including its money transfer service Xoom; Wise and Remitly have also suspended some services in Russia (Paresh Dave/Reuters) https://t.co/Tdk9eGBkSx

  • Samsung suspends all product shipments to Russia, source says including chips, smartphones, electronics; Samsung has a 30%+ smartphone market share in Russia (Sohee Kim/Bloomberg) https://t.co/FX2oZ8Ztbd

  • Microsoft stops sales in Russia https://t.co/AaC0dHeSZQ

  • The case for more companies to keep pulling out of Russia https://t.co/QX1BdC5IbW

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