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Muniellos Nature Reserve in Asturias, Spain (© Andres M. Dominguez/Minden Pictures) (Source: Bing)

  • The Gas Stove Culture Wars Have Begun | WIRED https://t.co/B7PxBQ85WP

  • How Finland, ranked first of 41 European countries in a media literacy survey, teaches students to spot misinformation on social media, starting in preschool (Jenny Gross/New York Times) https://t.co/VA1Imy0fxv

  • 97 Photos Of School Lunches Around The World Show What Countries Prioritize In Nutrition (New Pics) https://t.co/IRTAHDo9uY

  • SimCity 4, the greatest citybuilder of all time, was released 20 years ago https://t.co/jiONKg8BDM

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