I am a user experience designer, and a documentary-style photographer. Apart from that I have throughout the years also been (and still am) a musician, artist and more. I am based in Copenhagen Denmark.

As a freelance user experience designer with 25+ years of experience, I believe that we need transparency, sustainability, better interfaces, even better experiences and simple, meaningful, enriching interactions in order not to get our life clogged up.

As a photographer, I am a fly on the wall”, trying to create authentic stories with my images, for an increasingly more image-hungry media landscape.

On the side, as a musician and artist, starting at seven years old, I find music, interaction and visual arts and design to be closest to my heart and memories. Also, the most important tool for any society to maintain its sanity.

You can read more about all of this here.

In short, your average human being, ambivert polymath nutcase, gamer-dad, musician, artist, bookworm, pocket philosopher, culture geek, sustainability advocate and food lover. I live in Copenhagen together with my smart, beautiful girlfriend and my two extraordinary boys.

For business enquiries:

[°} Interiority
(+45) 31 42 07 17
CVR / VAT-ID: DK26356229

Same information as above for my photography business, but the web site is located at fiorentino.me