Coming For You (4K Version)

A young, successful businesswoman is making breakfast. Something is troubling her profoundly, and we sense the presence of someone or something haunting her while she prepares what looks like the last supper. Her loved one has been killed in a plane accident, and while the story little by little reveals that she has something to do with it, we also realise she has decided to go on a very long journey to find peace.

Production year: 2006


Woman: Medde Lykke Vognsen Man: Giovanni Campagna


Written, directed and edited by: Massimo Fiorentino Photographer: Tony Lorentzen Lights: André Andersen Weapons: Danish Special Effects Service

Director’s statement

This movie was initially intended to be a music video for one of the bands I’ve been involved in1 but ended up becoming a silent movie in its own right. I always believe that the audience is much more intelligent than people in this business usually think, so I wanted to write a history that could fold upon itself”, only revealing its true meaning by taking a closer look at the story. I also wanted to make a short statement regarding the great tempo in which the modern industry is moving in, leaving no room for thoroughness, thus making it harder to avoid errors while giving a miniature portrait of a successful woman in her last hours on the planet, haunted by the memory of her lost love, like a small intriguing puzzle which gives a second dimension to the film when you finally see the whole picture.

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