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  • Caption Contest: Tim Cook shows Maddie Ziegler the #iPhone 7 #apple #lol https://t.co/mXF4XkLjLX
  • So @Sony I am going to give full price for BF1 and not getting 1080p (“4K) & HDR unless I pay €1.400 for new PS4 & new TV…? #dissapointed
  • On Photographing the KKK • Peter van Agtmael • Magnum Photos #photography https://t.co/Eb3CtVnQro
  • Is Fidgeting A Productivity Tool? These Designers Think So #design https://t.co/j5iGzdr0jx

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Today’s Tittilating Treasures Today’s image Visit today’s image Steve Jobs Talks About The Courage To Remove Outdated Tech In Oddly Prescient Video