I’ve always been a storyteller in one way or another. At the age of five, I loved to draw comic strips with utterly chaotic but still logical sequences. And when I started to learn how to write, I wrote comedy, action, war and sci-fi stories whenever I got the chance. My grammar teacher was almost worried about my vivid imagination and highly detailed storytelling, but I loved the free form. And from that day on I have always had a passion for a good story. Whether it is being expressed in words, movies, music, in a painting or a photograph. And much of what I’ve been doing engulfs this. I’ve done art, photography, design and music. And I’ve written and directed two short movies and worked with lots of small and big storytelling projects in almost all kind of media available (I have to try out radio one day, though…). I once did a prequel for a major film here in Denmark, together with two of my dearest friends, which was an interactive piece of storytelling wrapped in an online game. And this was back in the late 1990’s, so we pioneered and explored a new way of storytelling back then.

So it is not unusual that I now have tested my abilities by writing a short story and getting it published. And I’d like for you to try it out. It’s a Scandinavian dystopia’, as I’ve chosen to label it and it is about two brothers that are on the run from an organisation that wants to take them away from their family. It is free this weekend on the 14th to the 15th of November, and if you have a Kindle (or a Kindle app) and would love to spend 10-20 minutes with some dystopia, then please do grab a copy and give me some feedback. Cheers!

Literature storytelling

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Today’s Tittilating Treasures Visit today’s FFFFound image I have written a short story. And I’d like for you to try it out. And It is free this weekend! https://t.co/GfQ0Kg0jka