Shopping Spree (4K Version With Subs)

After what seems for her like an eternity, a young woman has been in a shopping rehab and returns to the normal world, celebrating the end of her sentence with a regular shopping spree. Ecstatic, she tells her boyfriend about her shopping adventures while settling an argument regarding the length of her imprisonment.

Production year: 2006


Pia (Woman): Maria Esther Lemvigh Jan (Man): Morten Øland


Written, directed and edited by: Massimo Fiorentino Photographer: Tony Lorentzen Special Effects Makeup: Emilie Grossos Aabye

Director’s statement

Consumerism is peaking both in the West and now in the East as well. I wanted to try my hands on a small scenario with a monologue, and luckily I also got the chance of working with a Sanford Meisner1-educated actor. I am also a great admirer of Hitchcock (who isn’t). I like the saying from Truffaut that his love scenes were filmed like murder scenes, and the murder scenes like love scenes” With this in mind, I wanted to tell the story of a young woman so addicted to shopping that she had to go on a rehab, with the consequences that would follow; both as a statement of the ever increasing consumerism, especially in the rich Northern European countries, but also as a humble, impromptu homage to Hitchcock and film-noire.

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