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Thomas & Laura (wedding gift, 2013). Direct print on acrylic glass. Photoshop, SketchBook.Thomas & Laura (wedding gift, 2013). Direct print on acrylic glass. Photoshop, SketchBook.

I’ve always been a storyteller in one way or another. At the age of five, I loved to draw comic strips with utterly chaotic but still logical sequences. And when I started to learn how to write, I wrote comedy, action, war and sci-fi stories whenever I got the chance. My grammar teacher was almost worried about my vivid imagination and highly detailed storytelling, but I loved the free form. And from that day on I have always had a passion for a good story. Whether it is being expressed in words, movies, music, in a painting or a photograph. And much of what I’ve been doing engulfs this. I’ve done art, photography, design and music. And I’ve written and directed two short movies and worked with lots of small and big storytelling projects in almost all kind of media available (I have to try out radio one day, though…).

AT-ST (2015)AT-ST (2015)

So apart from music, which I adore, I’ve always been fiddling around with various forms of expression, from the most low-tech to the whole geeky stuff. From pencil drawings to image recognition software in interactive installations. From photography to animation, to moviemaking. Audio, visual and interactive arts and media seem to be deeply embedded in me. I have throughout the years been involved in many kinds of projects. Sometimes paid, mostly not, and usually done in my spare time. Although I am earning my living as a UX designer, if you ever should be in need of any expertise in illustration, storyboarding, photo editing, storytelling, movie or music production et. al., do not by all means hesitate to contact me.

Here is a small selection of things I’ve done in the past, and if you like, you can visit my web page dedicated to my newer artworks:



I have written a short story, a Scandinavian dystopia if you will, about two brothers, who in a near future are trying to escape from an organisation that wants to take them away from their family. You can read more about the story here.

Comics & drawing

The Comics magazine (1986-87)The Comics magazine (1986-87)

I started drawing when I was a small kid, and I’ve never stopped. I even created a comics magazine together with my cousin, my old partner in crime”, back in 1986. Printed, or rather copied it on our public school’s copy machine (no computers back then, all hand made) and sold to friends and family members. Used the earnings on board games. :-D

I also like to draw a strip now and then. Here’s an older one from a small series I did that I called Webbies,” about the life at a web design company:

Webbies (2000)Webbies (2000)

In general, I have always been fond of drawing. I can’t seem to stop doodling whenever I get the chance — or give myself a chance.

A typical scratchpad of mine. Pencil on paper.A typical scratchpad of mine. Pencil on paper.

From wedding gifts to scratchpads; If you like, you can take a look at more stuff on my Deviantart gallery.


The combination of arts and technology, cooperation and storytelling, music and imagery are hard to come by. You can play in a band, create a video game or make a film. So far two out of three. I’ve written and directed two short movies (and a behind the scenes flick for a Danish movie release). It was hard, but a great joy at the same time, working towards a common goal with a bunch of great people. Here’s Shopping Spree from 2006:

You can see more at my YouTube channel if you want.

Digital art

The Kinetic Image (2004-present). Quicktime VR, Processing 3, Mac OS X.The Kinetic Image (2004-present). Quicktime VR, Processing 3, Mac OS X.
Apart from working in traditional media, I began exploring the possibilities of using technology to create art. Back when using Amiga’s Deluxe Paint, going to Photoshop on the Mac later on and from there finding new and weird ways to use tech tools as an expression. Probably some left-overs from creating music. :-)

The Kinetic Image is a work in progress. It’s a photo art installation where the visitor can manipulate the image by only using her hands. The Kinetic Image has been mentioned in the Italian new media art, electronic music and hacktivism magazine, Neural back in 2005.

Some of my work have also found its way to an exhibition in New Zealand and also in magazines. For instance Computer Arts in 1999. Again, you can take a look at more stuff on my Deviantart gallery if you feel the urge.

Computer Arts Magazine 01/1999 (Rightmost images)Computer Arts Magazine 01/1999 (Rightmost images)

Animation & motion graphics

I’d really love to practice this some more, and boy is it hard to do. I dreamed about becoming an animator when I was a kid.

From hand drawn animation to anim-GIFs, motion design in After Effects, I’ve tried all. Moving images as opposed to films can become wonderfully imaginative worlds.

Here are some of my earliest works made on an Amiga 500. The animations were done by me and, again my cousin (see above). He’s actually a very talented, well established and accomplished animator now.

I’ve worked on After Effects for tv-series and movies throughout the years. Not a ton, but come back here later in the year and I might have some more stuff to show you since I will be doing some stuff for an upcoming Danish horror movie.


Bang & Olufsen Magazine (2011), JPG Magazine #7 (2006 - bottom image) & Everywhere Magazine #3 (2008).Bang & Olufsen Magazine (2011), JPG Magazine #7 (2006 - bottom image) & Everywhere Magazine #3 (2008).

Bruce Gilden workshop, Hamburg, Germany 2015Bruce Gilden workshop, Hamburg, Germany 2015
I am also a documentary-style photographer. I’ve been photographing regularly since I was 17. It’s a form of expression with unlimited capabilities and variety and is closely related to storytelling, design, rhythm and moviemaking which I adore.

Coked outCoked out

Right now I’m using my beloved Leica M240 as much as I can. These days having a family and being independent does not give me much time to go explore on my own, but I still enjoy grabbing the unusual and sometimes unseen apart from working with the image professionally.

Adrian (My youngest son)Adrian (My youngest son)

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