The Kinetic Image

The Kinetic Image (2004-present). Quicktime VR, Processing 3, Mac OS X.The Kinetic Image (2004-present). Quicktime VR, Processing 3, Mac OS X.

The Kinetic Image is a study of the twilight zone between the two- three- and four-dimensional, visual expression. The image blends the plane, space and time dimensions. This creates a time-bound, narrative dimension, which adds an extra layer on top of the expectations normally associated with the regular two-dimensional artwork.

At the same time, a certain degree of visual fluctuation’ is embedded within the image, as the artwork functions both as a still image while at the same time being in motion. It is both dependent on the artist as the creator and the beholder as the interactant to unfold. The artist defines the boundaries, but the concrete, time-bound expression is determined by the observer.

The time dimension appears in the image, not as a linear, but as a flexible progression. The beholder graduates this progression in the second he or she interacts with the artwork. In that way, the image does not become static, neither is it in constant motion, apart from the scope of the beholder’s interaction with the work.

The platform on which The Kinetic Image unfolds was originally developed (back in 2004) within the old QuickTime VR technology using individual images to create a VR movie — before the cubic images that are standard today. By using this technology, we simplify the interaction — the observer only has to click and drag on the picture for it to move.

It is meant to be displayed in front of the observer, on a widescreen television, projection or similar, while he or she controls the image with his or her hand tracked by a Microsoft Kinect sensor or the like, which copies the functions of a computer mouse. In this way, the observer can pull him- or herself through the image - so to speak, or just stand back, and dwell upon the universe, that the artist or the previous observer has created.

Public appearances

The Kinetic Image has been mentioned in the Italian new media art, electronic music and hacktivism magazine, Neural back in 2005. See the online entry of the mention here.





Work in progress

So far, so good…So far, so good…

For now, I am in the process of recreating the three works, getting them up to date by porting them over to the Processing platform. The first stage is already finished and next step is to implement Xbox Kinect tracking, so that the user’s hands will be able to manipulate the images.

Next steps

I have some koncepts underway where the Kinetic Image will become the Kinetic Environment, utilising VR as the platform.

Image courtesy of eVRydayVR.

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