I work as an Independent Consultant in Technology, Communication, Arts & Culture, doing most work for now as a user and customer experience designer, and I have over twenty-five years of experience. More information is to be found here and you can also take a look at my LinkedIn profile if you like.

About me in general

Yours truly. Self portrait.Yours truly. Self portrait.

I am, in short, a polymath. Also sometimes referred to as being a multipotentialite’, a renaissance person’ or scanner’. In a nutshell, what that means is, that I can head-dive into practically any challenge I take on and go deep. I adapt to changing scenarios quickly and easily, and my broad range of experiences from having worked in many different corporate structures with a lot of different skillsets is always utilised when facing a new assignment.1

I have primarily worked in agile’ industries and for the better part of my life with everything within the broad spectrum of user experience, design, advertising and media & entertainment. However, I have not been limited to this. I have been a short movie and television programme director, screenwriter, editor and grader, digital artist, communications and storytelling advisor, professional musician, composer and band director, comic strip artist, illustrator, motion graphics designer and author. I have been a clown’s sidekick, an entrepreneur, a volunteer, a video game reviewer and I have been a part of starting up a major yearly convention for Japanese pop culture in Copenhagen, to mention a few.

I have an even broader range of interests. Don’t get me started.

I thrive when I can be at the bleeding edge of new frontiers, work with complexity or when just creating. Whether it is for improving people’s lives or perfecting something, for beautifying, for creating an experience or for making a utility or a system the best it can be. And If all of the above can be combined, then count me in.

So the question What do you do for a living?” depends on who is asking. So please, do not hesitate to ask.

  1. Resources & inspiration regarding polymathy: Observer article | TED Talk | Bill Gates blog post | Book 1 | Book 2↩︎

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